Quick Answer Please - Re: Tenant Moving Home Out

A tenant just informed me they are moving their mobile home out tomorrow. This will be my 1st experience with this. Should they be required to have a licensed electrician, plumber (gas lines) etc to disconnect the utility lines properly.

What else can I do to be sure they don’t damage overhead trees, nearby mobile homes, utility lines etc.

Also, she said she would have someone there to tear it down. I don’t want a torn apart mobile home in the park, having me forced to pay to junk it. What can I do about that also to prevent it.

Thanks so much.

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In an ideal world, the details would be covered in your park rules or lease.

Are they moving it out or scrapping it?

If they are having a transport company move it, that company should have insurance. It would be good to talk to the transport company because you might be doing business with them in the future. They will most likely treat your park better if you might a future customer.

If you ( or your mgr.) can be there it might be good day to be there in person.

If you have a security deposit that might motivate them to clean up or at least offset your cleaning costs.

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Our park Rules & Regulations stipulate:

  1. We must be given 30-days notice prior to move-out (or at least resident must continue paying rent for 30 days after noticing us), and

  2. Only licensed and insured movers can move a house. This protects us from damage that might be caused by the move. Do not let fly-by-night movers attempt to move the home. You should put a car infront of the house to block the move if the mover is not documenting that they are legitimate (or put on a hitch lock). It is illegal to move a mobile home by anyone other than a licensed and insured mover. Your state’s legitimate movers will have no problem showing you their papers. Then you are protected from damage.

  3. ‘Tear down’ is a common industry term for splitting apart a doublewide mobile home, and/or for separating any mobile home from the utilities, and removing the skirting, etc. But if they really mean they are tearing-down the mobile home in place, then you’ve got a problem. But they would not do that. Tenants would just abandon the home and leave you with the cleanup costs if the home were really in that bad condition. So I’m 99.9% certain that by ‘tear down,’ they mean they mean their moving crew is separating the home from the land to prepare it to be moved.

Your mileage may vary,


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