1. If   “I’ve” found that Park, (I gotta have):  but ,I must sell and 1031 exchange, but, it could take 6,7,8,9 months, to sell,  and I don’t “love” “Reverse Exchanges”, (expense,etc.)the need/goal is, get the most “time”  that I can, from the seller;  my guess is;    Ask for 90 day escrow, then,( if my “1031 sell ain’t sold still, then,   complete the purchase of this"Park”   I’m after,  then do one of these damned  1031 "reverse Exchanges (which allows 180 days total )   so ,in essense,  I’ve gotten 90+180 days =270 days/9 months.Any suggestions or  opinions ?    out there ?

My first advice is to lose the “gotta have” factor. That is only going to interfere with your ability to negotiate the right price. You could then try your approach but to do so the seller must be informed in advance of the entire time frame. To inform him in stages is straight up dishonest if you know in advance there may be issues with your financing. Any method that will work is what you need to do but you should be putting a more positive mental spin on your options.“one of these damned reverse Exchanges” should be - Then I have the ability to do a reverse exchange and all is good. Being successful is about being positive with your approaches to business dealings.