Questions on non- recourse financing

Teach me about non- recourse financing,

It means if you default the bank gets the property but cannot go after your personal assets. Does it also mean you do not have to submit your personal credit information when you apply for such a loan?

Are such loans still available?

How do you get it? Just by asking or is it up to the bank?

Does it depend on the size of the deal? …

Do you pay higher interest rate?

What difference does your personal credit rating make when you apply for commercial financing? Surely if the property is not going to cash flow the loan isn’t going to be paid even if they reposess my personal truck, but if the property was bought with proper cash flow the bank should be fine to have the property as collateral if the LTV is low enough?

Is there language you can put in your contract to make sure any seller financing you get is non recourse?