Questions about Springfield and Jefferson City areas in MO

I recently took a trip to Missouri and was looking around the area to see if I could find enough deals to move there and work full-time on mobile homes. The parks had a surprisingly number of mobiles that seemed empty/abandoned, and most didn’t have a for sale sign. In the Springfield area especially, there were a lot of parks that appeared to do the fixing themselves, and that got me a little worried. The managers of a few parks didn’t want to give us a l/h deal, just the home on its own. I was wondering if anyone does business around the area, and if either of these places have yielded good results. Thanks,

Dallen Clark

My MHP is about 60 miles from JC and 100 miles from Springfield. My most recent knowledge of those markets is primarily based on my having pulled many repos from those areas.

IMHO here is the current situation, REITs aquired nearly all of the 150+ site MHP’s between 1995-2000 they have failed miserably, but haven’t thrown in the towell. Most of the rest are owned by former MH dealers who have not yet adapted to the realities of the marketplace.

Would you say that this will likely change in the next 5-10 years? And are there enough Lonnie deals around this area to survive off of before that point?

Thanks again,

I would think that you can thrive as the customer demand for MH’s on terms is strong in these areas. You should prepare to invest a lot of time and effort into meeting/winning over the park managers - they are the keys to your success, but given the ownership of most of these properties, you will need to be able to present a strong case for what is all to obvious given MHP vacacies - they need you!

Right. So the thing to work on is to prove that I’m giving them a win/win situation by fixing up these places. Thanks for the insight.