Questions about quality of Tru Homes

Hello all, I’m looking at buying some Tru Homes for my park and wanted to ask if anybody on here had experience with Tru Homes. Tru Homes are significantly less expensive than other brands but I don’t want to buy something that is going to give me problems in the long term. For those that have Tru Homes brand, are they holding up well for you? Any regrets about buying them? Any major problems or concerns?

Thanks in advance!

I am having the same question right now for my park.

It seems like there were no answers? Did you end up buying them? If so, were you happy with them? If not, what was the alternative that you decided to go with? Thank you!

I purchased 2 Truhomes, doublewides. so far so good.

I’ve purchased several Tru Homes over the past few years. Good for the price. Bare bones product but they seem to move quickly in my parks. For some parks I own further from the Charlotte NC area, I have no choice but to fill empty lots with either used homes or Tru Homes because I can’t otherwise get the total rents high enough to have the tenant own a more expensive home in a reasonable time period. I just purchased a few homes from Legacy and they appear to be better built and nicer overall, but also $10k more expensive. I am putting those in my parks closer to Charlotte where I can charge higher rents.

Biggest problem with the Tru Homes is that almost without fail, they are delivered with 1/2 or more of the wall boards popped off the walls. Takes an experienced maintenance guy less than a day to repair and then you can’t tell, but it’s annoying. I learned the hard way it’s better not to vary exterior vinyl colors more than necessary because within 3 years there will be a hole somewhere in the vinyl on most of the homes (from rocks kicked up from mowing, etc.) Now I just have a supply of the vinyl from the company in my shop for repairs–all 4 colors. Ask them to deliver a few sticks of vinyl to keep under the home to make it easy to repair when that day comes.

I will continue to buy them…



I ordered two Tru homes back in 2015, and one of them had a significant roof issue a few years later (some of the nails weren’t sealed correctly causing some significant water damage inside the wall).

It could have just been a faulty one off home though, and Tru was still a fairly new product back then.

Curious if anyone else has had Tru homes for a few years and can comment on the quality.

I’ve been buying Tru Homes for the past few years and have been very satisfied, especially for the cost. Most of the problems I’ve encountered were fairly minor.

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Curious if you are getting volume discounts on these TRU homes. We’re in NC, closer to the coast. We had a supplier giving us a good deal on these but he has closed his business.

I buy direct from the manufacturer so I get a discount for that relative to buying from a retail dealer. Trouble is, they are so backlogged I can’t get any right now and they’re not accepting orders for 2023 yet.

If you’re looking for tru homes or something a little nicer, shoot me an email.
I can get Tru Homes and several others that do great in our parks.