Questions about doing bulk letters for buying parks


I went to the local county courthouse and pulled all the addresses to the owners of MH parks in my county. I will slowly expand to surrounding counties and then other states later. Now I am putting together my mass mailer to send out and I have a few questions.

  1. What gets the best response? Letters, postcards, or contracts?

  2. How many follow ups do you use?

  3. Should I send a mailer to the park address in case the owner misses it at the other address?

  4. Frank did not seem that excited about sending out blind contracts, perhaps Dave could let us know why he does them and how he comes up with the numbers he puts on them. Also which contract are you mailing out? Is it on the home study CD?

  5. How do I try to find out who will hold notes at this stage. The amount I have to put down will limit me to loans on a small park, I would rather do a seller carry on a mid-size park.