Question on selling a POH

There is a potential resident that wants to purchase one of my POHs for $39,000. She has $35,000 right now and would like to make payments of $500/month for the other $4,000. Is there a way for me to seller finance the $4,000? Does this violate Dodd-Frank? How should I set this sale up, i.e. what to put on the bill of sale? I’m assuming I hold the title until the full amount is paid. Thanks in advance.

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While I have no idea on the Dodd-Frank or any of that. I’'ve wondered if you could just write a lease for the lot rent to be lot rent plus the payment on the 4000 for the duration of the loan. Title the home in their name. It wouldn’t be worth it for them to move the home given the small amount, if they default, the next person who gets the home would have to pick up back rent.
Just a thought.

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You can finance the final $4k as a personal loan. As long as the house isn’t collateral you should be okay. Unless they default. Then pick your pain.


You can do seller financing and record lien but use a mortgage broker to help with required docs Reg Z and disclosures

You should probably review this before you make a decision.