Question On Lot Rentals


We just purchased our first park last year, it was very run down, and we have done a lot of leg work to get the park looking nice. We have 7 lots that are available in Florence Colorado and I had a question on the prep work that needs to be done before a home comes in.

There are existing slabs, and some gravel- do we need to inspect the utilities before hand? Just want to make sure we have all of our ducks in a row.

Also, are there any publications that you guys would recommend for advertising our lot rentals? We have signage ordered for the park, but just wondering if you have found success anywhere else

Congratulations on the purchase and welcome to the Forum.

Congratulations on the park. I used to have a septic company jet the sewer or septic lines from the pad to make sure they drained properly. (Or you could have a plumber inspect it w/ a camera). The idea is to make sure there are no blockages or broken pipes prior to putting the home in place. It’s easier to excavate before the home gets there.

Also you can advertise in or the largest local paper for your city. I’ve had luck with both.