Question on joint ownership

Both my sister and I are on the title with right of survivorship…I live in the mobilehome; I would like to relocate and

move out of the mobilehome, if I sign off on the title, who is responsible for monthly space payment ? Appreciate

help, thank you Joan

What makes you responsible for lot rent is the lot rental agreement with the property, not your name on the title. You need to look into that more than the title. Where the title could cause you problems is with property taxes – as they rely on the title – but even then the odds of them coming after you are pretty small – normally, they would just auction the home off if the taxes are unpaid. If you want to just get out of the home, why not sell it to the park?

Actually, there are no taxes, the registration has to be renewed every year …; so I guess signing off on the title as the co-buyer and vacating still leaves the space payment burden with me …; I don’t anticipate problems, I wanted to verify the logistics of the space payment should I sign off and want to move on…

thank you for your expertise …