Question on Insurance

My question to you all is on insurance. the property i am interested in is by no means a MHP by most standards, but that is only a very small fraction of why I want this property. the place i am oddly enough interested in is a dump by most standards. old vehicles, misc crap all around. there are only 10 spaces, all PO. i know, you all don’t necessarily like that. i am just different. like i said, the mobile’s are not really my main interest in this property, but if i can turn around a not so pleasant on the eyes place, and make it something a little more desirable, i would have a sense of pride. ok, enough rambling. what for insurance would i need to cover myself in two aspects. 1. property of course. as cheap as possible, because if someone burned one down, and i legally could, i would probably just take the insurance payout and pay it over to the mortgage, and not replace mobile. 2. liability. i would like to make a nice little area in the middle of this place for people to go. picnic, kids to play, etc. etc. too much liability? too much cost? there are also two nice ponds on the property. keep them clear away from them? or can they be used as a perk for rental rates and written into insurance. again, maybe too much liability? too much cost? anyway, any and all opinions are welcomed. i love this site, and the first thing i did when i found this site was went to the beginning and read every post, so i value you all’s opinions.