Question on charging more lot rent based on number of tenants

Can the owners here tell me what the reasons are for charging extra for more than 2 people in a tenant-owned home? Is it the water/sewage/trash? I pay more ($20) for my 3rd person, plus we all had a rent increase ($30) last year “solely based on water usage”. Now we had meters put in & will begin paying water/sewage on March 1st. We really don’t have much info to go on. Do you all bill those together in 1 amount? or do you bill rent and then separate for the water/sewage? Thanks for your time.

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That forum will have more info for tenants.

Maybe, but they may not be able to answer my question as to the -why- some things are done. Just as many of you have probably never lived in one of the parks you own, you may not have ever considered what it’s like to be one of -us-. But then maybe that’s not your concern. I was hoping for some insight before I have to re-sign an updated lease soon with a not-so-pleasant manager and unknown, unattainable owner…

Chances are the person who owns your park is operating it in hopes to turn a profit. One thing that you find is bills have a tendency to go up. The same thing can often be true for a mobile home park operator… Property taxes might go up, payroll, their admin expenses , professional dues, professional services etc. These costs then get passed onto the customer just like when fuels costs rise, yo would see this as your end result say when buying a gallon of milk.

Perhaps the water increase was originally thought to be the solution but consumption surpassed and the increase did not cover it.

Again, we don’t know all of the specifics but those are some possible items that can give you insight as to why an increase might occur.

Good luck.

The answer to your question is relatively simple. Owning a community is a business and is generally run like a business. The goal is to cover costs and maximise profits.
As with any business operation the goal is to raise prices to the maximum level that the customer will pay. Some owners will also operate on the bases of putting as little back into a community in maintenance to also maximise profits.
Our concern for our residents extends to insuring all or as many as possible of our lots are occupied. To that end generally when one moves out another will move in. It’s a rental like any other in that people need a place to live and we provide that.
Assuming you follow all the rules and pay your rent there is no reason you can not live on your lot and be happy. If your owner and manager do not provide a environment in the community you are comfortable with you should move to somewhere you are comfortable.

As for contacting the owner is concerned accept that when you speak to the manager you are in contact with the owner. That is how your owner operates his business.
This of course is all assumptions in regards to your community as I do not know your Landlord.

Would it seem plausible to forego the extra monthly rent for the 3rd person in the home? Now that the tenants will be billed for their own water/sewer usage, would any of you take away that extra rent amount that would now be for trash only?

I would not if it was my community policy. My policy is in fact to not allow more than two occupants per home.
The extra charge may be to help restrict the number of residents in your community. Keep in mind there are many issues and management costs associated with numbers and many owners would like to see home occupancy at a minimum number.
Since the fee generates greater income for the landlord there is little incentive for them to remove the fee.
The reality is that residents are free to move if they do not like the rules and that is what I advise my residents to do. My community is all resident owned homes and I prefer they live there by choice and accept the rules as they are. Trying to change how I operate my business is a exercise in futility.