Question for those of you who hire bookkeepers

To those who hire bookkeepers,

  • How many hours per week or month do they work for you? (If you can include how many mobile home lots or mobile home parks this work encompasses, that would be helpful)

  • Any idea of the going freelance rate? I know this will vary by region, of course. (Helpful here if you include their level of expertise: CPA, masters, bookkeeper with bachelor’s, etc)

Thanks a bunch!

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Our bookkeeper, who does not pay bills as we are all set up on auto draft except a few bills each month, works about 20 hours a month just balancing the books. We operate 5 parks, about 260 spaces, and several single family rentals and multi family rentals. She does not enter space rents. If she did, we collect about 2/3 of our rents at our office, and that would add 3-4 hours per month. We pay her about 20 per hour, and she comes in for about 1/4 of that time, and jumps in through a VPN the rest of the time. Each park has a check book, credit card etc… She is not a CPA but has been a controller for several businesses. She is very strong in AP and AR, part time work, part time retired.

Fantastic, thank you @Jim_Johnson! This answer is immensely helpful.