Question for Greg Meade about Florida Pre - Inspections

Hi Greg

I was wondering if you know which counties in Mid Florida (Polk and surrounding areas) do not require pre inspections? My partners and I bought a mid 90’s home about 8 months ago and moved it to our lot in Pasco county we didnt have the capitol at the time to actually set it up so it has been sitting since. We recently recieved a notice from the building inspector that our set up permit had expired. When we went to get a new permit we were informed that some laws had changed and that we would have to get a pre inspection. The inspector came out and noted a bunch of things that needed to be fixed. One of the items he noted was that the home had to be brought back to factory condition. This is a major problem because all of the plywood floors in the home have been replaced and originally the the plywood slid under the walls. Obviously there is no way to fix this with out tearing all the walls down which just does not make financial sense.

So we are looking to get into another county that does not require this pre inspection. I know you are familar with Florida and thought you could point us in the right direction. Thanks


I just wanted to touch on the problem you are having with replacing the plywood under the walls.

We commonly run into problems where the factory particle board has gotten wet at the base of the wall and over time has degraded under the wall itself.

We begin by cuttin out a section of flooring that is next to the wall. Give yourself room to work.

This is no fun at all but with a hammer and a chisel you can chisel out the old particle board and then slide the new plywood under the wall. Try and get your messurements such that the plywood slides under the wall and spans more than one floor joist and falls 1/2 the width of the next joist. This way you can secure the next piece of flooring to this same floor joist (using the other 1/2 of the joist).

Like I said, this is no fun but it is quite common.


county a lot and as dealers we can pre inspect if we sold the home.

The things they ask are missing or broken smoke alarms, outlet covers, GFI’s within 6 feet of water, window screens, holes in flooring.

Go to Pasco’s web site:

they have contact info there for you…it’s no big thing. A few years ago, you could do your own…