Question about selling a mobile home

My husband and I bought our first mobile home park last May. My mother lives in the park and does not pay us lot rent. She lives in a 1,800 square ft. 4 bedroom mobile home (it’s much larger then our first house). We are probably going to list it for $74,900.00 (It is assessed at $80,000). Because we want to take the money and apply it to a house we do not want to self finance it. The realtor we are working with thinks that to sell a mobile home of this size and cost we might lose people because of the $200 lot rent. She thinks we should offer 1 year free rent to the person that purchases the mobile home. Is there a better way to get someone to buy without losing the rent?

Thank you!


In my market it is very hard to get financing without owning the land. What if you just as a gimme give six months free lot rent to anyone who made a cash purchase of the home.

Hope it all works out.

Regards, Sam

Thank you for the quick response.

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