Question about "Mobile Home Park Sign and Entryways" video

Hi Frank, Can you give some rough dimensions of the signs? I would like to know the dimensions if the RV Spaces sign also if you are willing to share.

I’d have to go out and measure, but most of our signs max out at 4’ x 8’ because that’s as big as the aluminum sheets come in at FastSigns. We once did one bigger, and they had to subcontract it out and it was a disaster. I"m going back to Decatur next week, and I can measure them then.

Thanks Frank.

OK, just measured them. They are 4’x8’. 

Thanks Frank. I’m still doing turnaround so don’t want to build my new park sign until I’m ready but would like to get some smaller RV Spaces for rent signs up asap. Can you give me an idea of what a good design would look like? I want to put RV Spaces for rent and the phone number of the park. How would an expert in signs like yourself word and arrange it?

Call Kathy at Fastsigns in Overland Park, Kansas – she designs all of our signs. Their contact number is(913) 649-3600. 

Thanks Frank.