Quality of used mobile homes

In the near future we will need to purchase 8-10 used mobile homes. Since this will be a relatively new experience. I need some advice. We are looking for trailers that are ten years old or less in age. Looking on line there seems to be a wide range of prices for units that are comparable in size and age. I realize that part of the difference will be in the included amenities. Being a car buff I realize there is a big difference between a 2005 chevy vs. a 2005 bmw. Even in the same manufacturer there are big differences ( bmw 1 series vs bmw 7 series} Is there a comparable pecking order in mobile homes. Are some mobile home manufacturers products more durable, better overall in quality, or a better overall buy? Thanks for any input.

where you are located, and what type of homes were sold new in that locale. While a BMW 7 series is the same in Florida or Washington, a Redman is not. As for 10 y/o or less, I have been buying some new, as supply of used has dwindled in here Missouri. Remember - you make your money when you BUY - you collect when you sell.

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   I was wondering though if there were one or several "name " brands that seem to hold up better over the years.  Taking my car analogy one step further, there are cars that hold up well past 100,000 thousand miles while there are others that are worn out by that time.  I would think that rentals are kept for quite awhile.  It maybe better to spend a little more on quality up front.  I just dont know what brands are quality.

Maybe my explaination was lacking, I’ll try again. I am located in Missouri, most MH’s here were built in AL, TN, MS, or IN. The IN houses all (Skyline, four seasons, redman, dutch, patriot, liberty, fairmont)get their windows, doors, cabinetry, wallpaper, trim, ect. from the same suppliers in that geographical area. These same suppliers do not supply the AL,TN,MS builders, those builders buy from suppliers in their locale. It is these components that largely determine the durability of MH’s.

Now, a Redman(example) built in TX, or OR has nothing in common with an IN Redman, other than the name. However a IN built Redman has much in common with another IN built MH by another brand. So, without knowing where you are located, your question can’t be answered effectively. The main thing is BUY right!

and Homes of Merit in Florida. I dislike General, Pioneer, and Destiny or ANY home with particle board floors.

In doing L/H packages, it is best for us to spend the extra money to buy these premier homes…we get our money back plus on resale.

I live in a Homes of Merit, my business partner lives in a Palm Harbor, both homes are 32X80 and we are both very satisfied with the quality of these homes.


Shawn is trying to help you but you are not answering his questions. Out of the 7 brands Greg mentions only 1 is avaliable in NY. You have to do some reasearch in your locale as to manufacturers, ask Mh repairmen, etc.


The park is in central indiana.  I did not realize that a home from the same brand name manufacturer would vary in quality depending on where it is made. Don, that is a good suggestion to ask mh repairmen.  We 

actually have an outside crew rehabbing several of our semi-flooded units right now. And thanks greg, I think it is still helpful to know certain manufacturers that people have been satisfied with. You never know what will be moved into your area.

Thanks for that info Shawn. Naturally, most of the homes here in SW OH are built in Indiana and I’ve only seen particle board floors.

I know that Palm Harbors are also built in Sabina, OH. They are known to be a good quality home and the price usually reflects it. Don’t know about their floors as I’ve never bought one. I have bought and sold a 1972 “Homette” though!


I had a 1960something “Kennelworth” once. Gavanized plumbing!