PVC pipes for water lines

We are seriously considering a small park in PA.
Everything looks good but were made aware that the water lines that are three feet underground are PVC.
We are concerned that they are PVC.
Does anyone have any experience with this type of water lines?
How long does this type of material last before a leak/leaks occur?

Most pvc is very good water pipe. The main problems I see are in thin walled pipe. Pvc comes in different grades or classes.
Class 160, 200 is a psi rating
Sdr (standard deminsion ratio the lower the number the thicker the pipe) 13, 21, 26,… sdr 21 is generaly 200 psi pipe, 26 is 160 psi and should be avoided like the plague.
Scheduled 40, 80,…

Pvc is generally a 75 to 100 year pipe as long as it is not 160 or sdr 26 pipe.

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Back in the late 60’s I helped my dad put pvc pipe in his yard. A few years ago I was doing some work at the house and dug up some of that pipe. You could have wiped it clean and taken it back to the hardware store we bought it from and returned it as new pipe that was left over from a job.

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