I sometimes visit the other mobile home website to check the parks for sale. In the last 18 months I have found 5-6 that got my interest, either by price or location or both. So I filled out the form & emailed the listing agent. The only response I have ever received was from the late Dave Nelson who apparently was a real pro. I regret that

I never met him. I sent the latest email 1 week ago & am still waiting for a response. I have not had time to call the agent.

A friend had a very similar experience. He liked 1 park & called the listing agent 3 times with no response. What kind of agents (& sellers!) are we dealing with here? Why list a park on a website dedicated to finding mhp buyers & then ignore repeated emails & calls from potential buyers?? As the kids say: "DUH!!.

It is not like the general public is perusing that website taking up their time. I guess you need a sense of humor in this business.


Likewise I have contacted people on this and other sites who advertise they are looking for parks and some who are looking for jobs. Most do not ever contact you back so why advertise that you are looking if you don’t call back. You think they would have the courtesy to say, sorry, not interested or I have already found what I was looking for.

I too have had the same experience with agents also, very frustrating.