Purchasing Platform - Reviews?

I hear a lot about purchasing platform. I had my demo of the service the other day, and it looks to be roughly what I expected it to be. There is a post on here from 2019, but instead of necro-posting I figured I’d just ask again if anyone has used their services recently and found it to be worth the value.

Who uses the service, and do you recommend it? Do you see most of the value in time savings, or in actual dollar savings?

I have a small park (38 pads, 17 homes). The cost of purchasing platform would run about $600 per year, which is not an insignificant amount of money. I’m trying to buy and rehab 3 homes per year (more, if I can improve my efficiencies).


I used it and found little to ZERO benefit.

The pricing is about the same as a Pro-Account at Home Depot.
It’s a great idea and I am sure it’s excellent for some businesses.

Here are the sites I use.



I hope this helps.


I’ve tried several times. They are not very responsive in getting quotes back and have been more expensive every time.

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