Purchasing 82 Homes Direct From Manufacturer

I am looking to purchase 82 new 3br/2ba homes directly from a manufacturer to infill a park in the panhandle of FL. The homes cannot be longer than 60ft due to lot sizes. I have a couple quotes from manufacturers but looking for recommendations on what manufacturer to use for a project this size. Any past experience, manufacturers to avoid etc would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

The first question is, what quality of homes are you looking for? There is a wife array and that will impact our recommendations

Thanks Jim. I would like the highest quality at the lowest price (wouldnt we all!). For example, Legacy has quoted me approx $54K for a 16x64’ 3/2 with freight being 3K from their facility in GA to get it to the park in FL. Their homes would include a split system hvac, water heater and appliances at that cost. At this particular park those 3/2s would rent for $1,750-1,950/month. We would keep the homes as rentals for 8-10 years and sell on terms there after.

I manage other mobile home parks for clients and their experience with legacy homes has been negative. So while I like that price point I know I will need to be prepared to do additional repairs after set up as we have had trouble getting them back out for warranty work.

I would like the home purchase, freight, and set up to remain under $70,000/home if possible.

Here are your options.

  1. Low Price
  2. High Quality
  3. Quick Delivery

You get to pick 2.

If you want a Low Price and Quick Delivery, it will not be High Quality

If you want Quick Delivery and High Quality will not be at a Low Price

If you want High Quality and a Low price it will not be a Quick Delivery.


Thank you for your input. I am okay with waiting for high quality and lower price. Any suggestions in that arena?

Unless you are getting a really good deal to buy them all in one order, I would order several from different manufacturers and then pick the one that you like the best after you have experienced all of them.

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I just did a quick google search and I see that you have Clayton, Champion, and Titan homes all in Florida.

I have bought homes from all three.
Champion is the lower end.
Clayton is nice but they are really proud of them.
The Titan homes we bought have all been great homes.

I suggest you do some factory tours. Meet the sales team etc. Do some tire kicking. Get their wholesale price list etc.

I would not order all 82 from one factory. There are many reasons for this. One of them is the aesthetics of the park. It looks really funny having 10 of the (mostly) exact same homes all right next to each other.

If you pay for engineering you can custom-design the home to your specs. I have found that most manufacturers have a length/width that is pretty much what I needed. If they have something close but it’s too long, too short, too narrow, etc. You can pay a few hundred bucks ($500-1500) to have the home modified to meet your needs.

ie You like model 1466A but want the front bedroom to be bigger. Or you like 1466AB but it’s a 66ft long home and you need a 60’ home. They can shorten the front bedroom and make the dining room smaller. etc.

A common size that will suit your needs is a 24 x 56. I prefer to order these front-loaded.
Kitchen in the front. They also look great with a Front porch. Since you can go 60’ you could add a covered porch on a 24 x 56.

Clayton Homes has a 24 x 58.


I have never ordered this kind of volume but we have ordered 4 Legacy Homes in the past and for the past two years, I’ve ordered Champion. I’ve been happy with Champion as I feel like provide a good value and their service department is decent. If you will be renting these homes, I would not order from Legacy. I won’t go into the details but if you search this forum, you’ll find plenty of opinions on them.


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Thank you for your input. In talking to manufacturers we are finding they want to compete for the business given the size of the order. I think I will plan on using that to our advantage for now…

Thank you for your input- this is very helpful. I agree with your take on the aesthetic. I was thinking we include 2 or 3 color options on the exterior to help with that. I appreciate the direct link to Clayton as well!

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Thank you for the feedback! My experience with Legacy unfortunately has been similar to yours. I have never ordered them directly but we manage parks in which our clients have.


thanks for the post.

Needing same on much smaller scale 18-22 homes.

Do you have contact info for dealer reps?

Thanks again,

In my state Connecticut, a well known family ran very nice communities. They used Commodore. I just ordered my first one and will see how it goes before I order 10 more. Been talking with Skyline too. Great feedback and responsiveness from both. Good luck!

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