Purchase...New...Mobile Homes...Singlewide...3 Bed/2 Bath...What Prices For Cash Money?...Thanks!

    " What prices (with Cash Money…not the Program) are Mobile Home Park Owners (Dealers /and/ Non-Dealers) paying for:"
  • New
  • Mobile Home
  • Singlewide
  • 3 Bedroom
  • 2 Bathroom

We do not have our Dealer’s License as of yet.

However, I just got a quote from a Mobile Home Dealer. This MH Dealer also owns the factory where the Mobile Homes are produced.

We were told that the “Dealer” has in the past given “deals” (without MHP Buyer having a Dealer’s License) to other MHP Owners because the manufacturer is the same owner.

We received the following quote:

  • Quote Date: 6/7/17
  • New
  • Mobile Home
  • Live Oak Homes - Waycross, GA
  • Website: http://liveoakmanufacturedhomes.com/
  • Runner Model - Baseline Home - Wind Zone II
  • 16x76 - Singlewide
  • NOT Dealer Price - (But Dealership Owned By Manufacturer - So Theoretically Speaking There “Should Be” A Price Reduction)
  • $38,000 - Mobile Home
  • $4,750 - (Delivery/Setup, AC, Steps & Underskirting)

Personally, I thought that this was pretty high because we received the following quote (Differences are: quote = 2.5 years old / different manufacturer / narrower & smaller must be Dealer). Have prices gone up that much?:

  • Quote Date: 10/7/14
  • New
  • Mobile Home
  • Clayton - White Pine, TN
  • TRU
  • The Foreman- Baseline Home - Wind Zone II
  • 14x76 - Singlewide
  • YES Dealer
  • $23,812 - (Includes Ship, Handling & Destination Charges)

OK…so I agree with you that the quotes are not exactly comparing apples to apples (manufacturer difference; wideth difference; size difference; date difference; dealer difference).

However, ultimately the two quotes are basically just for new, big rectangle boxes with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (basic, new shelter).

We have several, newer Mobile Home rentals and the Rental Price comes down to how many bedrooms and how many bathrooms they have.

Now granted the second quote was from a different Manufacturer, was from 2.5 years ago and is a bit narrower/smaller (14 wide versus 16 wide), but should there be such a big difference?

What are Mobile Home Park Owners (who are Dealers /or/ Non-Dealers) paying for new, Singlewide Mobile Homes (with Cash Money…not the Program)?

Thanks in advance for your wisdom / knowledge!

@Kristin I just bought two homes using Cash ( Not the CASH program ) that are pretty much your exact home for 10/7/14 for 33k . We had to pay extra for our own stairs /decks , utilities. Its a wind zone 2 home as well ( TX ) . There is some mark up by the dealer as well. Its also included AC but I’m not sure your quote shows that on the TRU home . About a year before that we did the same home except i believe it was the 14x66 box ( Steal? ) and i want to say that was about 28k (also windzone 2 )

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@Deleted_User_ME , thank you so very much for your reply!

Do you have your Manufacturer’s Dealer’s License?

Did you buy directly from the manufacturer?

Are you renting these Mobile Homes or are you selling them?

Someone posted that their philosophy was to:
1.) Purchase - New Mobile Homes
2.) Rent - New Mobile Homes: For 5 Years
3.) Sell - Mobile Homes: After 5 Years

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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Bought through dealer, no dealers license at this time, Mobile home rent credit program. Strong market where that home is about 895 and lot rents are about 300 plus range.

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@Deleted_User_ME , thank you so very much for your response!

We wish you the very best!

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Kristin, I run a dealership so feel free to PM me for my phone number and I can talk you through some of this if you would like.

1st quote is very high. Here is in a nutshell what you might be looking at with factory direct TruMH delivered (not necessarily spotted on your lot though, factory drivers stink at spotting).

14x56= $16500 (2Br/1Ba)
14x66= $18500 (3Br/2Ba)
14x76=$20500 (3Br/2Ba)

Tru does not build a 16 wide. If you want a 16x76 you can get an entry level one for about $28K.


@ErnestPecunio , thank you so very much for your post!

Do you have to be a Dealer with the prices that you quoted for Tru Mobile Homes?

Those are great prices!

The 14 wides are find for our purposes.

We are more focused on the 3 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom portion.

Thanks So Very Much!

Yes you need a dealers license. These prices are generalizations but shouldn’t be too far off.

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@ErnestPecunio , thank you very much!

Good info Ernest, thanks for sharing.

Tru is cheaper in price, but as Ernest mentioned in another post, they are also a cheaper built product. Legacy just seems more solid, stable. Legacy has shutters on the windows, solid walls and floors, etc.You can only notice that by walking through both units, which I have.
Tru builds like 20 units a day, Legacy builds 4-5.

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We have used both Tru and Legacy. Tru is definitely cheaper in all areas.

For example, Tru’s carpet lasted less than a year with our tenant who has a family of only 3, including an infant. So, I am guessing this is the cheapest of the carpets you can get.

Legacy has two issues:

  1. Their customer service is very slow and sometimes they conveniently forget to reimburse.
  2. Their flooring is linoleum, just like clayton homes. If there is a tear, you will need to replace the entire room - think kitchen or living area! Too expensive. Their sales person said this was fixed in 2017 homes and only the particular tile needs to be changed.

Will I buy a Tru home? Probably not. Since you don’t want to give a sub-par home to a tenant which may come back to you. Will I buy a Legacy, maybe as they seem to make improvements in their products and their homes are getting better. Just their service is mediocre at best.

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Other issues I have with Legacy are their delivery fee from East TX to E. Louisiana is $1800. High in my view (3 hour drive).
Also, on Legacy invoices you will see an ever evolving cost item of $2500-2700 which is called "material and labor surcharge."
When asked to explain,They talk about the hurricane, etc. I said, that was months ago, just tell me the friggin price and stuff your ‘surcharges.’ They won’t remove it.

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