Purchase Contract

Does anyone have a good template I could use? I will obviously have my attorney look at it, just trying to save a few bucks…I am trying to get a park under contract this week. It would be a huge help. Thank you!

The latest-and-greatest purchase contract is available in the Resource Library, which is available to all who have attended Bootcamp. I’d not purchase a MHP without first attending Bootcamp…

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When you purchase the home study course you get a great contract (I have had attorneys in many states review with some very minor style tweaks), as well as a fantastic diligence program to follow. The bootcamp is also excellent. All of this at a fraction of what an insurance policy will cost, and you get to learn from the experiences of Frank and Dave without making costly mistakes. They also update it every year and have not charged for updates. This is one of the best investments you can make to ensure you do not get saddled with a bad deal.

There is also no up-selling…it is the real deal and a complete package!

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Which package are you referring to? The one for 597, 997 or 159/199? I see a few options. I don’t think the boot camp is in the cards for me.

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If you are serious about a buying a park you will need the 30day due diligence which is included in the $997. I suggest you call Brandon at MHU to make sure you know what you are getting. They also guaranty the course for 90 days! Again, think of how expensive it will be if you fail to do thorough diligence! Frank and Dave are unique since they shoot straight and are actually in the business and practice what they preach. Feel free to call me at 954-296-8850 if you have further questions.

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If you are poor, get their book for about $50. I learned a lot from it that is particular to MHP investing, mostly big picture stuff.

If you are not quite so poor, get their Due Diligence book. I bought all the DD real estate books on Amazon. Some were pretty good but Dave’s and Frank’s book is like the Sistine Chapel Ceiling of the field; really, no one comes close regardless of what class of real estate investing it is addressing.

If you are well off enough to be serious about MHP investing go to the boot camp. I think being kind of cheap is a prerequisite to being a successful landlord, but the $3k (tuition + travel) is money well spent.