Purchase Contract Simple Form

Does anyone have a SIMPLE MHP purchase contract they would share with me? The contract from the bootcamp is great but I need something very simple. I’ve got a handshake kind of deal that I need to tie up and I don’t want to bring in too much legalese.

Thanks in advance.

Here’s what we use. Plain, simple and gets it done.


You can just edit down the contract from Boot Camp – but remember that everything you cut costs you a little in the form of warranties or clarity. Don’t use the back of a napkin because you might end up buying an Applebee’s or whatever’s printed on the back of the napkin.

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I will take an Applebee’s. Ours does $75k/week. Not bad - and all the fries you can eat.

Thanks Brad. But I’m looking for a Park contract not a home.

Frank. I hear you. I’ll be careful in how I edit it down.

Tyler, that is why you should never post after a few cocktails - I read right over the P part in MHP.

I am with Frank on this - if you want to be respected as a business man, you’ll do paperwork along with your handshake.

If this is still too uncomfortable for you - then do with a ‘regular’ realtor form and under Special Provisions, simply fill in “Subject to Buyer’s Satisfactory Inspection within Due Diligence Period”. And take at least 30-45 days for that.


I bet it was a mint julep, while listening to “My Old Kentucky Home”.

I cut down the bootcamp contract a few pages. Mostly deleting white space so it wasn’t so many pages and didn’t look so big. I took out a few pieces that didn’t apply to this situation.

That’s the best way to do it.

Is there a way to get a copy of that simple contract or any others? I don’t see any attachments in the post.