Psychology of intimidation and authority, park management dress code?

If I’m managing my own parks, am I better off to put on a shirt & tie or a wife beater and carry around a can of Budweiser?

Shirt and tie, in my opinion. When you dress the part, you trigger subliminal roles as the authority figure and people behave better.

Franks right on about dressing better. I was a 19 year old party kid when I first got in the biz and dressed lousy. Now I am dressing nicer. I get more respect. Nice pants and a collar shirt will do also. I don’t know if I would take it as far as to sweat all day in a suit. Plus more than likely you are somewhat hands on. You could wear some older “church clothes” that you would be fine getting a little dirty if needed.

I agree that the tie and coat is overboard. I only wear that if meeting with a bank, city official, or something else important. But suit pants and shirt with collar are mandatory for me.

I ware everyday street cloths the same as I do normally. Jeans and a button up shirt.  I put on coveralls when working. No suit, I’m a landlord not a banker.
I do not attempt to cater to the lowest common denominator nor do I attempt to show I am superior to my residents.
I prefer to be judged by my actions not appearances.

You give away an edge by not dressing well every day, and no, I am not only refering to how your appearance affects others. It has its biggest impact on the wearer.

I have found that professionals tend to under estimate my abilities based on my casual appearance. Tenant board/tenant lawyers,as an example, assume I am a typical ill informed landlord till they discovered I understand and work their system as well and usually better than they could.
Having no knowledge of my actual background I tend to have an advantage over others if they judge me by my appearance. In most situations involving intellectual confrontation that usually gives me the edge. 

I used to know a MHP owner that has past away now. He was a real character, rumors that he was from a Mafia family. He always looked the part mirror sun glasses leather jacket. Everyone was afraid of him, you got the feeling if you crossed him you  would not get evicted you would just disappear and never been seen or heard from again!