Property Tax on Lot Rent Tenants

This question is for all the MHP owners: Do you require all your lot rent tenants provide proofs after they have paid their property taxes every year?  What are the pros and cons of this practice in your opinion?  Thanks in advance.

Don’t waste your time.  You’ve got better things to do.  As long as your tenants have paid their lot rent, then your business with them is complete.  You can’t force folks to show you that they’ve paid their taxes or have their home insured.  It’s their private property.We do, however, take ‘drive-through’ videos of our parks every few years just to document the park’s condition.  That is all we do with resident-owned homes - until/unless they ask us to buy them.  And then we generally don’t, we let them sell them to other residents that almost always leave them in place.Have as little to do with ROHs as you can.-jl-