Property tax increase after you recently bought a park .. worried in Texas

Anyone purchased a park in texas in the past 2 years , especially Harris County , and did you experience property taxes rose to be 2% roughly of the purchase price ?
Or were you taxed using the income method ? I’m buying a park with all TOH. thanks guys !

Texas is a non-disclosure state. Would that preclude the local tax authority from obtaining purchase price information?

Your property taxes will be the same millage (percentage) as everyone else. What’s the millage in Harris County?

What you’re really asking is [how come] the appraised value changed to make the taxes so high and the answer is that the County assessors aren’t complete idiots and they know that the property changed hands at today’s market rates which they try to guess.

If they guess low, you win they lose. If they guess high, you protest with facts and they lose. But you have to have good facts.