Property Manager


I would appreciate any idea’s regarding hiring a property manager.

I have them for multi family and residential properties, but this seem’s different.

Thanks, Rick


I would use the same skill set/criteria that you have for your other investment properties if it is a turn key park. The small nuances can be learned quickly.

If it is a turn around park you will need a manager who has experience in refurb and also selling. The only way that you can turn around a mobile home park with low vacancy is through bringing homes in and selling them on terms.

How far is your park away from your home? You can also implement technology to manage your manager… internet cameras, (logging into the onsite computer), email, secret shopper, yahoo messenger, etc.

I have two parks where I found the best tenant in the park and made them manager… it has worked really well.


You can send me an e-mail and I will be happy to send you a resume for a seasoned management team that has the exp you may need.