Property management software

I am looking for opinions on property management software. Here is my situation. I have a 48 unit managed by a property manager. The manager provides me with a spread sheet of expenses and income each month. I self manage 8 more units that I own along with about 75 self storage units.
I am looking for a software that would possibly allow me to input my data and the data provided by my property manager all in one place.I went through property management software video that would help me decide but nothing hepled.
My challenge with the property manager is that is hard to get a current snap shot of what is going on at any given moment.
Any thoughts or ideas?

We use Rent Manager and we’ve recently added in RMU+ as a training tool. The system is largely customizable and you can allow the manager to see what you want them to see and reports can be automatically run on a schedule. The training is also cheap, very intuitive, and engaging. I’d have them take you through a demo of all of the capabilities. We use almost every integration they have and it has made life very, very easy from a management software standpoint.


With your scale I would personally use google sheets and google drive to keep track of things and correspond in real time with your manager - it’s free, intuitive, and easily customizable

My experience has been the learning curve is fairly steep on most professional property management software packages, and you’re going to be paying $75-$200 a month for a service that may not save you time in the end.

I finally switched from spreadsheets to the software package Buildium as my portfolio has grown, and it’s just so-so for managing parks. It gets the job done, but the switch was far from painless and it’s fairly clunky on some items.


We use Rent Manager online and like it. $75/mo base price should be all you need right now. Like all new systems, it takes a while to get used to, and after 3+ years I think we are only using a portion of the capabilities, Customer support is generally good.

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Ditto what @Suburban said.

We use Rent Manager as well and we love it. We don’t use it to its fullest capability yet.

I’ve used both Yardi Voyager which can be a tricky platform as well as PB manager to get the basics down and have statements run and sent to site for processing. Quickbooks is a great all in one for a lot of the AP/AR and day to day parts. Google Sheets was a great suggestion- everyone can touch the documents and share them at the same time, depending on how you set it.
If you want your residents to have ability to pay on line for a small fee, there might be something through

That site might be helpful, I googled a list and there was a lot to look at with reviews. I didn’t know so many are on the market! Best of luck, :slight_smile:

I was also looking for a suitable property management software. And i found a few software very helpful. Innkey PMS is one of them.

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