Propane contracts - Is it the MHP owner's responsibility with POH?

I’ve been told by two propane companies that I must have the tank contract and that the tenants can call and have it filled up on their dime. Is it normal? Ideally, I would have the tenants also maintain the propane tank rental contract.

We only have one park with just a few propane tanks, and yes, everything to do with the propane tanks/payments/etc. are the tenants’ responsibilities.-jl-

Jefferson, are you doing any rentals? I’ve gotten nailed by 3 companies now that said the same thing. They won’t rent the tanks to rental tenants, only the property owner. It’s about 50 bucks a year for the tank and the tenant can fill it up. I want to dodge the liability completely. Mobile homes that are not POH is not a problem. Just the rentals.