Project Management Software

I need to move away from using Excel into a cloud type software to manage the improvement projects that i do when acquiring a community. I’ve been having a hard time finding a solution because most of the project management softwares track hours not actual expenses. I want to do it outside of our accounting software so that people can be assigned tasks, we can track progress, gantt charts, look at how we are doing against budget. Does anyone have a suggested solution?

Google makes Smartsheet which should meet your needs.

Microsoft Project can track all of that and more but you need to learn the software it’s pricey and the cloud version is geared towards enterprise users.

Other Cloud options:

I’m not as familier with these cloud options so not sure you will get the metrics you want but both have extensive support communities so I’d leverage that resoruces and ask

Hi JimFletcher,

I use two different products - both awesome, both web based for team collaboration. - this makes beautiful, easy to use gantt charts for managing projects and it has dependencies (which I love) - so you can visually indicate that one item cannot start before another item is finished. You can have conversations about specific aspects of your project, share files, etc. Free trial - I think you’ll love it.

Priority Matrix - - heard about this one through Jefferson Lilly. This is both a native Mac OSX application, and also has web, iOS and Android versions. You can have it open on multiple devices and it autosyncs between them. I use this for managing ongoing aspects of business. Very powerful and customizable. Great for throwing in ideas, notes, links - not just for making gantt charts (but it will do that also). Easy to pick up, hard to put down. Again - free trial - I think you’ll love it.

I used basecamp for years and still maintain a subscription so I can keep access to my old projects. In my opinion it has been surpassed in functionality by Priority Matrix. Basecamp is not so good at managing a complex project that has multiple defined steps, sub-tasks and phases, all with separate deadlines and dependencies.

MS Project is the way to go. It is pricey but checks all your boxes for requirements.

I pretty much run everything through Wunderlist. Its kind of like a shared to do list. Probably more sophisticated stuff out there but I like things simple and like the collaboration component of it.

Hi Jim, try Fluxes, It’s a free web based team management tool that will let you assign tasks with deadline, track progress, add files and notes, share common files with team members, live chat and many other options. This is very simple tool that can be used by common sense.

Podio is a pretty robust tool and am finding its really good for tracking projects…