Process / Notice for non renewal of lease?

I know if you evict you have to give the 3 day notice, etc.

How do you serve notice of non renewal? Do you just file for eviction like normal after posting? I’d appreciate an explanation of the process.

Also, does someone have a good violation of park rules notice they could share?


Does your state landlord/tenant regulations not have a defined process for landlords to follow. They may/should also have the necessary forms, hopefully on line.

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They do for evictions, I haven’t seen one for non renewals.

I would check your real estate commission approved form for leases and see what they have in there by default for non-renewal notice period / process. In my state it says written notice with 30 days lead time.

Well I did a Google search and found two attorneys that had forms posted online. I downloaded and customized them for my park

It’s only a 7 day notice apparently in FL.

I also found a good violations notice.