Problem w.

RentOMeter has shut me down. The website says I’ve inquired too many times, and they want me to sign up and pay for a ‘Pro’ membership.

I’ve deleted the cookies on my computer, and even used another browser on my computer that I never use (e.g. no cookie history). Still RentOMeter won’t let me use the site.

Has anyone else had this problem? How can a website ‘know’ it’s me and shut me down if it has no cookies on my computer to check for my usage level? Any thoughts on how to get the site working again? :neutral_face:



They know who you are from your IP address. You can overcome your problem in several ways:

1… Reboot your router and or request a new IP address

2… Use a TOR browser, but they may have all those IPs blocked already

3… Use an IP masking service like

4… Pay their yearly fee of $360

But I am curious, don’t you make enough from your business to pay for a tool / service that obviously is a very useful and essential product or service to your business?

I make plenty, I’d just rather not pay. And I don’t think Frank & Dave pay either…


Thank you for your thoughts,