Private Utilities Indiana

Good Evening,

I am looking at a park in Indiana with private utilities, (sewage treatment plant and well). I am looking for someone who can evaluate all of the underground infrastructure on the park (water, sewer and electric). If anyone in the Indiana area could help with a recommendation I would appreciate it.



I have a park in Indiana with a treatment plant and private well. You are really wist to have it checked out. Here is the guy I think is really sharp in this field. He is out of Michigan, but does work all over the US. I saw him speak at a convention earlier this year, and watched him do about a hour teaching in the field in April. He is very, very sharp- he can do a phase 1 as well…

Dave VerSluis 800-769-7437

If you have direct question on anything, fire off a email and I am all too happy to chat on the phone as well…