Pricing on Converting Heating Oil to Electric

Does anyone know how much per lot will it cost to convert a heating oil to electric in general or what type of contractor should I ask for regarding this question?  Thanks in advance.Shan

So the answer to that has lots of moving parts. You need to know the ‘amps’ supplied to each home.Then you need to know how many ‘amps’ are required for each home. A electrician can help with this, and the city / county might have minimums required. If the supply is under the required, you need to see what running more electric to each home will cost. You will also need to figure out what the new heaters will cost for each home to buy and have installed. The last park I upgraded electric on cost about $2,000 per lot. I needed to add some transformers, and some poles. The scope was each pole fed 4 lots underground. Each home has 225 amps of service available. That was electric only though. You might also look into propane or running natural gas. 

Jim,Thanks for your response.  It’s 200 amps in the park.  Currently, there are 7 trailers using heating oil, the rest of them are using natural gas and electric.  I will try to get a quote from local A/C and Heat companies or electricians to see what the best options are.  Again, thanks for your help.Shan 

200 amp service to each home should be enough- single wides, baseboard heaters, heat tape… 

200 amps is more than adequate.  I assume you’re in Texas??? if so heat pumps are the most cost effective way of heating, but require a bit more up front costs.  The farther north you go, the less cost effective heat pumps are.  Indianapolis is ROUGHLY the norther barrier where heat pumps lose their cost effectiveness.

Actually, the park is in NE region.  The contractors said the same thing that using natural gas will help the tenants on their monthly bills.  Jim and Coach62, thank you very much for your advices.Shan

During DD period.  The park is in the NE region, no POHs, but there are several homes that use oil for heating.  My question is this: As a park owner, should I be too concerned about this as long as they are inspected annually and carry the insurance on their tanks ( I think it’s Hazmat insurance )?  Further more, I would appreciate anyone sharing their experiences concerning use of oil heating, what are the pros and cons?  Thanks.Shan

Yes, in the NE gas is the lowest cost way to heat, and is cost effective to install. The lowest cost method to heat is a heat pump with gas backup.

Are the tanks above or below ground? If below I’d be very concerned

They are above the ground.  Plan to send notices out and ask everyone to convert.  Thanks.Shan