Price Discovery

I am looking at purchasing a park that recently sold ~6-9 months ago and obviously it would be great to know the price it recently sold for. I have looked at the county/state tax records but can not find any information. Any suggestions on how I can find out the sales price? Thanks for your help.

A Local Title Company would have that info.
Or, just ask the seller.

It depends on what county and state you are in. So, if you’re willing to share that, I can tell you what the process might look like or if it’s even possible to find out online.

In a “non-disclosure” state such as Texas, there is no way to get that price without the buyer or seller giving it to you (which they never will – in fact many sales contracts forbid the seller from divulging the price). In a “full disclosure” state such as Louisiana, it is of public record for the whole world to see. If you are looking at a park in a “full disclosure” state, then the Tax Assessor can give it to you.

Thanks everyone for the information. The park is in Indiana so I think it’s a non-disclosure state.

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Google search “gis beacon” it’s a site that shows you a map like google earth, and when you click on the park, it will show you everything that you would find at the courthouse. I think most Indiana counties have it now. I use gis beacon all the time, it’s the best!

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