Preventing weed eater damage to skirting

Skirting and weed eaters
Has anyone used roofing shingles under skirting to create a six or eight inch border to prevent grass (and weed eating) next to the skirting?
Has anyone tried rolled roofing? Each roll is about 32 feet long and can be cut into three 32 foot strips. If so, which looks better, white or green?

Many thanks for your ideas.

Roundup (now available generically as glyphosate) is your friend

Thanks for your quick response. We buy generic round up for deer camp—cheaper than “Round Up” also.

you can also pile pea gravel up against the skirting if you like.

It usually isn’t feasible, but for mobiles on their own lots, we’ve put up metal roof material as skirting before. You can usually buy it cheaper than vinyl if you know where to look. You need to remember to cut a vent hole and screen.

+1 on the metal roofing. My crew began doing this after finding a couple places near town that sell 12 foot color-matched 26 gauge R panels for 5 bucks each because they don’t meet a certain manufacturing specification. They cut to size and with the right tools it takes about 50% more labor than vinyl, but it ends up about the same cost with installation as the materials are about $250-300 bucks (screws, vents, roofing, rails) and labor $500 for a 76 foot singlewide (e.g. 2 guys for one day). You still gets dents and dings over time but nothing cracks, and touching up with paint is simple and effective enough.

I also did one home with a very thick vinyl privacy lattice and the labor is less intensive but the materials are difficult to get a good deal, about the same as regular vinyl. Biggest issue I have with this is that not very good for pest control, but ventilation under there is great, which we need in the southerns states.

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Metal AND (generic) Round-up.

We use 2x4 wood under the skirting when its installed. We have also used landscape timbers.
I have also seen roof shingles used with some success.
Also, just make sure not to hit the skirting with the weed wacker. Duh! Just hit the ground in front if it. It can be done. Tenants prolly wont do that very well tho.

I have the manager or landscaping company, depending on property spray the perimeter of park owned homes with weedkiller at beginning of season and all common areas. For resident owned, I send a notice to do the same and then remind them not to weedeat too close to the base and to point it down so their skirting is not destroyed. You have to point this out after my skirting on some homes was destroyed.

There is a product by Skirt Guard that is designed to address this problem. The link is