Preventative sewer jetting?

I had the sewer lines in my park camerad about 8 months ago while conducting diligence and they had some tree roots but looked pretty good.

Last week we had a clog, and the same plumber came out and opened it up again. He said the line looks pretty messy, and recommended doing a preventative jetting of the lines to avoid potential backups in the winter when there’s the potential for the sewage to freeze.

I’ve never heard of doing preventative maintenance/jetting on a line that’s currently working, and figure this sounds more like a make work proposition, but thought I would see if any other park owners think there’s enough merit to consider it.

Jetting is fine – as long as your pipes are modern PVC. Jetting destroys clay tile lines as it increases the separation between pipes, which then leads to more problems like root intrusion. It has also been known to cause collapses, as you are stressing the pipe in a way it was not designed to handle.

Most preventative measures on sewer lines are designed with only one preventative goal: to prevent the plumber from not being able to make his mortgage payment – not in your best interests at all.

Not to be a jerk but the word is preventive, no such word as preventative.

Having said that, sewer lines are installed below frost. The plumber is ripping you off.

Actually, there is such a word and both area considered correct. Straight from Google:

Preventative maintenance (or preventive maintenance) is maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failing. Preventative maintenance is performed while the equipment is still working, so that it does not break down unexpectedly.

I know, I should have said that preventive is more correct. Even “ain’t” is now officially a word and is in the dictionary.

In a day where people say comfterble instead of the correct word comfortable I’ve just developed a pet peeve for the most proper grammar.

I always admired Paul Harvey for his impeccable grammar and diction.

Pretty soon temperture will be in the same dictionaries replacing temperature. Just as no one pronounces comfortable correctly anymore. Or vegetable.

No wonder kids can’t spell, just axe them how to spell sumthin.

Now ain’t that sumthin? Just kidding.

Coach, I’m pretty sure that you’re 100% correct and I was wrong on that word. I am apparently one of the people that is destroying the English language. I don’t use that word much, so I had it spelled incorrectly in my brain. But upon reflecting on it, I’m pretty sure that you’re correct.

Actually you have a gift of saying a lot with few words. I wish I had that same ability.