Preventative Maintenance on Mobile Homes


I now manage 15 Lonnie Deals and have had a few of my repairmen suggest putting Kool Seal on all the roofs, even though none of them have leaks. This has gotten me thinking about broader issues of preventative maintenance on my homes.

Are there things you do to your homes like Kool Seal the roof ‘even if not needed’ just to insure you do not have problems down the road? What should I be doing to insure my homes are as hassle-free and well-maintained as possible?

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Kool seal is more a rust preventative than an actual sealer. Too much is as bad as too little. Ever see big flakes of kool seal coming up? A five gallon can should easily do a 14x70 with a little left over, it should be put on like paint, not too thick. If the roof has never been kool sealed and the home is over 10 years old, yes kool seal it. If is has been kool sealed and there are no bare metal spots or rust showing through I would not kool seal it.

I always remove and replace plastic body faucets on houses I buy, I have had them blow up and flood the house. question: you say you are managing 15 LD’s if you have sold them isn’t maintenance is buyers concern?