Preparing a site for a MH

I’m going to develop some mobile home lots. Zoning isn’t a problem. I’m wondering if anyone has any advice for preparing the lots. Utilities will have to be installed. The zoning allows for skirted homes, so I won’t be installing foundations.

Some of the parks I’ve seen have concrete pads underneath the home. Others have smaller 2x2 concrete squares. I’m not sure what these are for. Is the concrete work necessary, or can I just use regular anchors? If anyone has done this, I’d appreciate some guidance on methods and costs (I know they’ll be market specific).

Ryan, the poured concrete is to negate “frost heave” when the soil freezes it expands - ever notice how skirting bulges out in winter time? The precast pads or poured concrete perform the function of spreading the load over a larger area so as to avoid settling.

Your soil type/ snow load will determine how large a pad is needed. One more point, if your singlewide should settle slightly on one pier, you will probably never know it. If your double wide settles in one area, it will pull away from the other half.

Also, grade the lot so as to prevent water from reaching the dirt where the home sits and you will have done yourself a huge favor.