Pre-Paid Legal Services

Does anyone have any experience with or other pre-paid legal services? I’ve heard that for as little as $17/month these services will not only find an attorney to review your leases, they’ll find an attorney to actually go to court for evictions. If true, that would represent a huge win for us on the expense side, but sounds too good to be true.



I met with a Legal Shield rep one day. He actually visited the fire station that I work out of, trying to sell us their services. For $17/month you get the bare bones services, and that does not include going to court for you. That would include reviewing documents, making phone calls and writting letters on your behalf. I believe the cost for business coverage was $50-$75/month, and I’m not sure if that included court appearances or not. At any rate, it did sound like a great service, but I didn’t bite. I may one day, but for now I’ve got it under control.