Power Pole / Overhead Power Lines Violation


I just had a state inspection at my MHP in California. All violations were removed except 1 violation relating the the power lines only being 7’ above one of the homes. The state requires that there be 8’, so technically the power lines only need to move up 1’. The power poles are leaning in on each end and that is what has caused the lines to be too low. We own the electrical system within the park so it’s our responsibility. To fix this we need to straighten a power poles at one end of the line by anchoring it. Then at the other end due to pole being rotted, we need to replace and anchor the pole at that end, we may need to support this end with a pony pole (1/2 height pole) as anchoring the power pole it’self may not be possible due to the location restrictions of homes beside the pole.

I’m looking for the cheapest way to do this safely. The tough thing is that the poles are in-between homes and will require hand digging. I’m thinking of getting laborers to dig holes, then I’m looking for power pole installers to install the poles, then electricians to take care of wiring only. Or something of the like. I’m open to your suggestions on how to best approach this!

Do any of you know the specific name of craft of power pole installers? Is there such a specific trade? Or do other professionals tie power pole installation into their craft? If, so who should I be looking for or contacting? I don’t think that paying an electrical company top dollar to hand dig holes is my best choice. I wan’t to make the best move here.

The town my MHP is in has a population of 30,000 and only 1 electrical company in town that can handle this type of electrical project and they are asking for $26K to do the whole lot. The owner is blatantly and openly aiming to charge me over priced and clearly stated that “he doesn’t even want to do it, he doesn’t need the work. I need him so if I wont pay $26K then I can find someone else to do it.” Clearly I do not want to do business with this guy so I’m searching for people in a larger neighboring town (2 hrs away) that has a metro pop of 800,000.

Any help on how I can most cost effectively resolve this violation while keeping safety of my electrical system on the forefront would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you all in advance!


Approach your utility and ask who they use to install poles - in a lot of cases this work is subcontracted. Those contractors will have experience with this type of scenario, and usually they’re pretty affordable and have a variety of poles that will meet your specifications.

When I needed to replace poles at a Park under contract in Kansas I was expecting this to be a big expense, but found some ole boy who did it as a hobby for the utility for 200 bucks per pole. I don’t expect you will find this pricing easily, but get several quotes and you may get lucky. Make sure they understand what you’re trying to do and they can tell you if they can get the pole down deeper or have some tricks (e.g. a hand auger) to get it done quickly.

When he came out he told us they will usually mount the pole directly adjacent to the existing pole, and once an electrician moves the line over (this is not a tough job and any regular electrician should be able to do this) you can take down the old pole on your own or with a contractor.

Hopefully this doesn’t include an education and getting your PHD - post hole digger - for this.

Great info. Thank you!

@Bryce , as per your question:

  • “Power Pole / Overhead Power Lines Violation / Who To Contact”

We received a recommendation from another Mobile Home Park Owner for a Licensed Electrician who did Power Poles.

This Licensed Electrician’s “Day Job” is working for the actual Power Company that we use for Electricity.

Thus, we have used this Licensed Electrician to install missing Power Poles and to replace old, leaning Power Poles.

Thankfully, the Electric Company owns the lines in our MHP and we just have to maintain the Power Poles to each Lot.

Straightening leaning Power Poles should NOT cost anywhere close to $26K. That is a crazy price.

We wish you the very best!