Power / Broadband Service Equipment - HUD Homes

Hi all,

We’re preparing to install new electric power and broadband fiber equipment with our new HUD homes and researching best practices and applicable building codes.

Our exterior setup will include the typical electric meter base with extra breakers, fiber optic cable termination box, a NEMA 14-15R for electric vehicle charging, and a quad box with extra 120V electric outlets for various outdoor stuff like car vacs, leaf blowers, etc.

Research so far indicates that all four boxes can either be directly attached to an exterior wall of a HUD home, or on a nearby post-mounted utility panel with underground conduits running back to the home the exterior heat pump condenser unit.

Curious about how others may be handling this type of thing - any comments?

Assuming that a) it’s not a HUD code violation, and b) the local building inspectors agree, it seems like mounting everything directly on an exterior wall of the home is the best way to go. Or maybe mount everything on a 4’ x 4’ starboard panel and then attach the panel to the home?


If you mount it to the home, then you will have to undo your work if somebody ever decides to move the home. Perhaps that can be a deterrent to a home move or a concern to you. I would build a separate pedestal.

If you are installing extra outdoor outlets, why limit to a NEMA 14-15R for car charging. A NEMA 14-50R will give you faster charge speeds. There are RV specific outlets that can be enclosed and locked.

Thanks mPark. I meant NEMA 14-50R for 240VAC / 50A EV charging.

I guess a big part of my question is whether or not it’s OK to mount various electrical items directly on the exterior walls of a HUD home without violating HUD codes, home warranty, etc. Any idea?

My first thought was to use a separate pedestal, but even if we mount the panel to the home the inbound service wiring could simply be disconnected and removed, right?

In case it helps anyone else here we determined that in NC our electrical/broadband gear can be installed directly on an exterior wall of each manufactured home. No separate pedestal is required.