Potential park for sale

Hello all,
I have been working on purchasing a MHP but struggling to get the financing. I am under contract but looks like I may not get the financing. I think it is a good park and price so thought I would see if anyone is interested. Here are the details.
29 lot MHP
2 vacant lots
18 POH
TOH lot rent is $200 market is $300-$325
POH is $675 average and market is $700-$850 depending on Bed bath combo.
Gross rent is $13,950/ month or $167400/ yr
Vacancy is about 10% but has been decreasing as new units have been installed.
Expenses are estimated at $60,000 or 38%
the homes are, 1 is 1999, 2 are 2006, 1 is 2007, 3-2008, 1-2009, 2-2010, 3-2011, 1-2017, 4-2018
The electrical to the trailers has all been redone and the trailers are in good condition and well maintained. Some still need skirting. the roads have been re-graveled and wood fence has been installed new around the park. The POH trailers can sell for about $35,000-$50,000 in the local market.
The asking price is a bit under 1 million.
If I can’t get financing and my deal fall through is anyone interested in this deal?
This is on city water and sewer.

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Where is park? We might be.

The park is in Louisiana near Lafayette.

Thank you Ben, appreciate the fast response.

I would love information as well! johnsoninvestmentsone@gmail.com

can you share the details with me too? jvholdingsgroup@gmail.com

If you are interested send me your email.

hey Ben, we are serious buyers and would be interested. Can you plz share to manny@msscapital.info?
Thank you


Can you send details to wjobe88@gmail.com?

I was born in Lafayette!


I’m interested

Give me a call at 208-249-4544 or send me your phone number to call you.