Potential issues with septic in Texas

Hello. I am currently looking at a 60 space park in Texas. Each lot for the most part has its own septic tank, so roughly 60 tanks for the park. I’ve heard Frank mention on calls that Texas in particular seems to have more rules on commercial septic. After talking to the owner the other day he let it slip that the city does not allow him to fix issues with the septic tanks, but they do it anyway. As I tried to probe deeper on this issue he downplayed it and was beating around the bush a bit.

Can someone who has had experience with commercial septic issues in Texas please provide any guidance on what potential issues I’d run into in the future with a park that has this many septic tanks and provide the reason why the city would not allow him to fix any issues with the current tanks?

Thank you very much for any guidance you can provide.

Texas has an actual state septic department – they can tell you everything you would ever want to know. But you will also need the input of the county and city, as well as the input of at least one septic operator in addition to mom and pop’s (because they may not be impartial). The Texas Manufactured Housing Association (TMHA) may also be of assistance on this issue.

You obviously can’t continue the practice of doing things that you are not allowed to do, and this is an issue that must be resolved in advance of closing (forgiveness is not better than permission on this one).

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Thank you Frank. I found the authorized agent on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality website. I’ll start with them.

I appreciate the guidance!

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