Possible MHP Assignment, interested?

I’ve got two parks in contract currently and am considering assigning or partnering on one of them. The one that might be available is about 20 miles outside of Toledo OH. 71 licensed lots plus a SFH and apartment (each rent about $500/mo). Has 64 rented lots at 250/mo, 59 owner occupied. Direct billed city utilities. Also includes 15 vacant acres. Homes in park range from 80’s to 2000’s and the park is kept in pretty good condition overall with no signs of major deferred maintenance.

If interested, please email rickbergman8@gmail.com. Ideally, looking for an experienced park owner whom is able to move quickly and can demonstrate the resources to close the transaction in a timely manner.

Rick, I’m interested, can you email me. I’m close to Toledo.

Best Regards,

Is this still available?