Possessory Lien

Has anyone had success filing a possessory lien on a home to get Greentree or any other mtg co. /buyer of foreclosed home to pay the back lot rent?

We have a 1998 SW home in our park that Greentree foreclosed on, we put an offer in of $6k (2k back lot rent owed as of NOV 1st). They want 8k, and have placed it with dealer so that adds $500 to the dealer adn $250 in title etc. We have parked a vehicle in front of it so they can’t come pick it up easily but an attorney told us he would charge $2k to file the lien and it could take a long time?

Any thoughts/advice from anyone. We can figure out $6k for the home plus the $750 and we need the home to stay in the park but $8750 will be tough unless we find an investor who wants to purchase it and leave it on the park for us to rent/sell it for them.

Greentree requires all bids in AL and TX to go through a dealer.