POH...Pets...Non-Refundable Pet Deposit?...Thanks!

QUESTION:  For POHs do you charge a Non-Refundable Pet Deposit?  If yes, how much do you charge?We have some Park Owned Homes that had Tenants in them when we purchased the Mobile Home Park.  These Tenants have sinced moved so we are in the process of renovating them.Some of the Mobile Homes are older, so we are removing all flooring (carpet and vinyl) and replacing/repairing/painting any bad sub-floors.  We will then place new, vinyl, ‘wood looking’ flooring down.We currently say ‘No Pets’.However, I have seen lots of other ads for mobile homes (that allow dogs under 10 pounds) with a Non-Refundable Pet Deposit of approximately $200.Do you allow pets?If yes, do you charge a Non-Refundable Pet Deposit?Thanks So Very Much!

We charge $250 pet fee. Brandon@Sandell

Brandon, thank you!

We charge a $300 nonrefundable pet deposit plus $25/mo. Not allowing pets at all seems to greatly lower our pool of applicants. In some of our newer model homes, we only allow pets if the person has the goal of owning the home through a rent credit program.

Suburban, thank you for your comment!

In my experience (all classes of MH and apartments), pet owners are usually long-term and reliable because the pool of living options is limited. They pay large deposits up front and are willing to pay extra rent. I’ve also held successful resident events revolving around pets, and persuaded local kennels and vets to offset the entertainment. These are good things.HOWEVER, you must have clear regulations and expectations about the types of animals, breeds, and sizes that you allow. Kurt Kelley will have guidelines, but MHISC or the SC apartment association may also have boilerplate regulations you can use as a guide. Apply them consistently and make sure that your inspections are thorough enough to spot any problems early on. 

Wbc5, thank you very much for your comments!