Plumbing Snakes

Can you recommend a good plumbing snake to purchase? If so, how long should it be? Drains and toilets stopping up is a frequent problem and plumbers are expensive. Thanks

Almost any cheapo snake will work fine. Learning how to use it is much more important than which one to buy. Watch lots of Youtube videos.

I use this one from HD:

I’ve had great luck with this one.
It will clear most pipes and is easy to use. You will find cheaper ones, but the cables are junk, and will tangle easy.
If you buy a larger snake, make sure the person is properly trained and has the right safety gear. They can be dangerous.

Plumbers will seem really cheap if you get the snake stuck in the main.

Be careful. I got one stuck last week and wasn’t sure I would get it out. Did a little bit of McGyver work but go it out.

Consider sewer jetting. Should give you alot less service calls for a couple years after you do it.

We have a 100 ft commercial grade Electric Eel snake. The motor recently went out after 20 years of service, the company sent out a replacement within a week. A jetter would be my first choice.