Plumbing problem

Anyone got advice on whether you can re route water lines to go around slabs instead of under them. Local plumbing company says I need to move all the homes off the park for them to put new lines in as the current one’s go under slabs. I told them to put the new lines to the side of the slabs and go around them to hook them up where they were before. I asked if they moved regular homes when doing repiping or replacing lines and they said no but this is different.

What am I missing or are these people just lazy, giving me an excuse not to the job so they keep getting called out to repair expensive leaks?

I need to replace the lines but can’t get a good clear answer.

ANy advice from anyone would be a great help.

Find a new plumbing company as this one sounds a bit shy of a full bucket. I’m an irrigation contractor and moving water is moving water no matter what the end use. Unless there is something you haven’t said, there is no hydraulic reason for you to have to dig up your slabs in order to route the pipes as long as you pay attention to certain details. I’ve had to re-route lines for years around such things as trees, driveways, houses, etc. and the irrigation systems I installed all worked fine.

Play it safe and have an engineer draw up you plans. It will be money well spent and then you can get more intelligent bids as everything will be specified. Find a way to carefully mark your lines so you can easily locate them in the future.

I’m in the process of removing all the old underground shut-off valves and am doing something I recommend you copy. Just before the vertical riser, I am installing one-way, flapper type, check valves. Makes it way faster to drain the system for repairs and keeps the residents happier as they do not need to refill their water heaters and lines.


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I agree, get a new plumber. You need a plumber who can solve your problems, not create more!

Hasn’t he heard of horizontal drilling? Alternatively, I have seen new lines run parallel to the street with the individual lines run under the front of the home about a foot to a new meter. Downside here is a VERY long run to the supply line of the home. If you are in an area that freezes, that means a long heat tape to maintain.

How about a new line along the back of the trailers? Think of a couple of scenarios that would work for YOU in the long run. Review with municipal engineering department, get a user-friendly plumber.