"Please help me!" My dream M.H.P

Chuck, I completely feel for you here…

what you are trying to do CAN BE DONE. You can do deals with NONE of your own money it takes someones money it just doesnt necisarily need to be yours.

THink partners and/or hard money. I have done both and they work. On my first park I pay 15% in hard money. I was HAPPY to pay 15% because when you make over 400% that fifteen percent feels like peanuts.

On another deal it was so good that I offered a 33% interest in the park for the partner to put up a 66% down payment, then I borrowed the other 34% at hard money rates. My payment was peanuts, the other guys was thrilled (his overal ROI was over 60 or 70 percent if I remember correctly).

Think win win. You can get anything and everyhitng you want in life if you help enough others get what they want.